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Political Forums » Bring back the Daily Spork!
kamagra » hi people
Brandon McBride » Check this Out!!!! voteforanybodynew.com
mz » hi
DeoDuce » When Deo is away, the weirdos will play
perve » you all suck monkey ass bitches
MeowMix » do any of u know about the relationship with egypt and isreal??
MeowMix » meow
MeowMix » meow
Bu'Que » Gee is this how you treat newcomers??
Bu'Que » I'm not a troll Your site was considered to be the have it all info on BTK
Bu'Que » I don't see any action on BTK.
Bu'Que » I don't see any recent action on BTK.
JQXSA » Bon dok fer igan fwen
JQXSA » Bon dok fer igan fwen
Rogue Jew » Cool Blog....I love Karl Rove, the guy is a genius
DeoDuce » Great, Karl, except the new Fan Club is at www.thedailyspork.com
Karl Rove » Just checking in the club. How's everyone getting along?
EdWonk » Is the board going to make it to the new site?
northernhorseman2004 » huh?
Chief Phtoshop » Okay, quit rubbing out noses in the nice weather out there. We're sweltering in 104 degrees while you lounge at the beach.
Chief Phtoshop » D'oh!
Chief Phtoshop » Hey, what happened to the Bush exercise post?
Chief Phtoshop » Hey, what happened to the Bush exercise post?
reagan80 » I see what the problem with my link is now. There are 2 spaces in the address that need to be closed. The first one is: "mi ddleeast" The second one is in: "4fab 5dc83f59b0ae&ei"
reagan80 » Crap. That link didn't work. Maybe this will: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/22/international/mi ddleeast/22cnd-iraq.html?ex=1269147600&en=4fab 5dc83f59b0ae&ei=5090&partner=rssuserland
reagan80 » No, I wouldn't want gun control in Iraq. Here's a reason: http://www.nytimes.com/2005/03/22/international/mi ddleeast/22cnd-iraq.html?ex=1269147600&en=4fab 5dc83f59b0ae&ei=5090&partner=rssuserland
muckypup » Haven't checked in here for a while ... Please post a picture of yourself. I'm bored of studying contract law. Do you think there should be GUN CONTROL in Iraq? Think carefully now.
Chief Photoshop » Here's something you may like. http://www.rightwingrightminded.modblog.com/core.m od?show=blogview&blog_id=684341
reagan80 » Post-3/11 Spain is like Vichy France.
EdWonk » What's up with those GoogleAds?
DeoDuce » Yeah but those pansies turned tail and run. They fell to the enemy.
the Pirate » Don't forget 3/11
Chief Photoshop » Great style of music.
Booge » Boogie woogie
reagan80 » True dat.
DeoDuce » hahaha. patience! remember, there are tons of morons out there...look how many votes kerry got
reagan80 » I even threw in the gratuitous "A chick runs this blog" to sweeten the pot up for them, but.....where the hell are they? There aren't even any new trolls! Arrgh!
reagan80 » I wonder why there are no other newcomers to this place. Last month, I was on a couple of highly active off-topic forums and I practically advertised this blog on them.
Rob » Join the Left! Worry more about terrorists' rights than American lives!
Rob » Join the Left! Worry more about terrorists' rights than American lives!
DeoDuce »
Michael Williams » Just put everywhere.
DeoDuce » I don't have enough space on my site for all these links...
DeoDuce » rofl!
EdWonk » WifeWonk just puts the phone down and walks away..
DeoDuce » You're insane!
the Pirate » I always ask if I get a small black child with my order.
DeoDuce » That's also very effective in shortening the "hang-up time" with telemarketers.
EdWonk » I usually try to convert them to my religion.
DeoDuce » haha. I play mind games with them, like telling them that I don't have a phone and to please get off my brain waves.
Chief Photoshop » To show I big a wuss I am, I can't even tell telemarketers no and hangup on them because I think I might hurt their feelings. And that's no lie.
EdWonk » Who took the Chief's Ruth?
Chief Photoshop » I didn't understand a single letter of that, but for some reason I'm offended.
the Pirate » I'm writing a report on BOD & TSS, VSS, & NVSS testing. Woo!
Chief Photoshop » I'm not a very good leader. I'm not ruthless enough.
DeoDuce » Pirate is here, but not here. He's busy I suppose.
EdWonk » No more Pirate? Who will lead us? Chief??
EdWonk » AW8PE
Chief Photoshop » And it should get there more than likey on Saturday. It comes from California. I ordered mine on a Tuesday and had it two days later.
DeoDuce » Just ordered it! Man, shipping was dirt cheap.
DeoDuce » Actually, I was getting ready to place an order. You read my mind.
Chief Photoshop » Have you ordered the Honor The Fallen bracelet? $3.
DeoDuce » Mommy!
John K » I'll bet it's your mother who has been clicking your picture over at Chris's blog. She even made a biased comment.
Chief Photoshop » Because someone posted a comment about your picture at the Motley Crew gallery saying she was your mother. Just checking.
DeoDuce » Yes...why?
Chief Photoshop » Deo, does your mom surf the net?
DeoDuce » Thanks for the troll forecast. Before I ban him, it's always fun to have a troll BBQ. Woot.
reagan80 » Just giving y'all an early headsup. If you ever get a troll named "Elroy" or "Markov Chaney", you can probably thank me for it. I won't be missing him if you accidentally hit the perma-BAN button.
DeoDuce » I killed him.
EdWonk » Is bias the New Word for them? Where's the Pirate?
DeoDuce » tee hee
Chris » Naked bias? Promises, promises.
EdWonk » The weekend! Woot!
DeoDuce » snicker
EdWonk » I've always like Red Lobster's Hpuppies.... Got flashed outside of Jackson MS (just after that our last tag.) Gorgeous young lady on an overpass in a red, white, and blue bikini. Nice, but weird.
DeoDuce » Reagan, no, the visits were just me checking on my popularity... Hm, shall we duel on which southern outpost has the best Hpuppies? Road trip! Dude, that would be insane.
reagan80 » BTW, my grandparents live in Jackson, and Louisiana has the best hushpuppies I know of.
reagan80 » Deo has hundreds of fans? Should I be surprised? Or, perhaps they were just "Big O" anime fans that stumbled onto the wrong MegaDuce(sic) with their misspelling? *geek mode off*
DeoDuce » DANG
Chris » Hey Deo, check out how many views you photo has gotten in my gallery.
DeoDuce » Ooo, I like MS. I stayed i Ocean Springs once...best hush puppies I've ever had.
EdWonk » Greetings from Jackson, Mississippi
DeoDuce » woot
EdWonk » Finally Friday! Time for some major-league whoopie!
DeoDuce » tee hee
Chris » Sorry, but some sex obsessed guy came here talking about boobs. I lost my mind.
the Pirate » Geez guys way to lower the conversation right off the bat....I'm soo dissapointed
reagan80 » http://canyoufeelthelovetonightbitch.ytmnd.com/
DeoDuce » Haha, you're right mi amigo.
Chris » Deo, you knew that when you brought this back we would go right back to the only thing we know.
Chris » Just testing to see if this shows up when I click submit.
DeoDuce » Silly people.
Chris » Boobies? Where?
Willem » guess you'd take it off straight away again ey?
DeoDuce » Good grief.