Entry: Je Comprends, non? Friday, July 29, 2005

France is like that retarded toddler: slow, drooly but able to grasp at least menial concepts. The slow-coming epiphany about terrorism hitting the West has hit the Frenchies smack-dab between the eyes--as is evidenced by their recent expulsion of Imams who preach anti-Western violence.

France probably saw a pattern in the terrorists' plan: The US was attacked for being the US. Spain was attacked in an effort to influence foreign policy. Great Britain was attacked, well, because they're infidels, just like the rest of us. Even though Great Britain is a staunch ally in the War on Terror, they have a tremendously socialist and liberal way of thinking. They are more likely to take the ACLU route of fight-terrorism-with-law than the US policy of "Who's got bigger balls?" (The latter is my favorite type of foreign policy.) Thus, the recent string of violent bombings in London has shown the world, even the thick-headed "peuples du vin", that the terrorists don't care if you bomb them or simply maintain a free society: they want to kill you regardless.

I think the terrorists made a grave (but fortunate for us) mistake in attacking London. The world was losing interest in the USA's fight against Terror, but attacking Great Britain, a symbol of civility to the world, has revived that interest and now more and more are realizing the threat that these crazy weasels pose.

France made a good decision in expelling those 12 Imams. They had better be prepared for an attack in retaliation. But France has apparently realized that they have two options. Basically, in fighting terrorism, do you go to the terrorists' home and strap on the brass knuckles, or do you wait for them to come to you?

Yeah, I like the brass knuckles option, too.


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