Entry: No More! Tuesday, July 26, 2005

I've had it with the spammers, posts randomly disappearing, and now my inability to respond to comments...like I've banned myself or something, except I haven't.

Anyways, bye bye Blogdrive, hello Moveable Type. New site coming soon.


the Pirate
July 26, 2005   08:25 PM PDT
uh oh
Chief Phtoshop
July 26, 2005   09:10 PM PDT
You should come to Modblog.
Chief Phtoshop
July 26, 2005   09:14 PM PDT
Oops, forgot to put:

That is if you want complicated code and limited freedoms like no banning and no Google Ads.
July 27, 2005   05:58 AM PDT
Don't do it. Go to Wordpress or Serendipity. :)
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