Sunday, July 03, 2005
Kofi the Rat

Fox News has a good piece of dirt on Kofi Annan's recent WaPo article in which he basically credits himself for the positive developments that we're fighting for in Iraq right now. I gagged when I read this gem of propaganda:

Our response has been prompt and resolute. We have set up a donor coordination mechanism in Baghdad, deployed a Constitutional Support Unit, and established an active and collaborative relationship with the assembly's constitutional committee. Today more than 800 U.N. personnel -- both local and international, including security staff -- are serving in Iraq in the U.N. assistance mission.

"Our response has been prompt and resolute?" Prompt taking forever to pass resolution upon resolution while Iraqis were being fed into paper shredders? Resolute as in allowing Hussein to violate International Law time and again without consequences?

The Iraqi people continue to endure a painful and difficult transition, and they still have a long and tough road ahead. The United Nations is privileged and determined to walk it with them. In doing so, we serve not only the people of Iraq, but the peoples of all nations.

Oh, please. Cut the hippie crap. The UN has only been a roadblock for progress in Iraq--a group of wealthy theives getting kickbacks from hazy financial situations.

This article sounded like it was written by a combination of Karl Marx and Sean Penn.

It was the worst article I've read in a long time. Gag.

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