Monday, June 06, 2005
What's the Big Deal?

Now there's more spotlight on th"regular" pot vs. "medical pot." Personally, I don't see a problem.

Two California women at the center of a landmark medical marijuana case said they would continue to smoke pot to ease their medical problems, despite a U.S. Supreme Court ruling this morning that said federal authorities could arrest and prosecute them for doing so.

"I cannot stop using cannabis," said Angel Raich, 39, of Oakland, who uses marijuana every two waking hours to help with a host of problems linked to an inoperable brain tumor. "If I stopped using cannabis I would die."

Raich and Diane Monson of Oroville were the two plaintiffs whose bid to undermine federal prohibitions of marijuana was turned back by the high court in a 6-3 vote.

Look, if two adults in agonizing pain want to bake special brownies every now and then, I don't really see why they shouldn't be allowed to. Yeah yeah, there is the whole "floodgates" argument, or the infamous "slippery slope" rebuttal to my stance here, but come on. Yes, being a druggie is bad. But if smoking a joint is the only way to help a little old lady with back pain, go have a ball. I'm not super familiar on current California laws regarding legal cannabis, but here are some possible precautions to take while keeping medical marijuana legal:

1. Official prescriptions for legal pot allowed by reputable health care professionals should be given only once every other painkiller/relaxant is ruled out in the patient's interest. (This may already be happening).
2. Supervised usage/dispensing of said pot by a medical/legal institution.

Bottom Line: Feds should stay out of our private lives.

The other big point here is in response to the people that say: Well, if you legalize for some, you have to legalize for everyone.

Not true.

The truth: the potheads hanging out on Venice Beach will find ways to keep their habit going, whether it's legal or not.

From here.

Posted at 04:54 pm by DeoDuce

June 9, 2005   02:09 AM PDT
Supervised blowing? What do you expect? People's heads explode? I am pro-pot no matter what but in your case, with medical pot, there's no need for supervision when you make sure that only the right people get it (as you want with your first precaution)

I would love to see some old woman smoke pot with a police officer watching :D.

By the way, in general. What's more wrong with pot than alcohol?

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