Friday, May 27, 2005

What do you think? Should noncitizens be entitled to the same rights as citizens in this scenerio? I'd like to know what the audience is thinking.

Posted at 03:31 pm by DeoDuce

May 27, 2005   05:12 PM PDT
I'm torn right down the middle as you are Chris. I really can't decide on this one. If I had to make an instantaneous call on it, I would probably side with Trench.
Director Mitch
May 28, 2005   10:15 PM PDT
It doesn't say, but I assume this is a private (non-government funded) association - a club in other words. And clubs can make up any rules they want - freedom of association. So my answer is let the membership decide - it's their club, not mine.

If she is upset, she can start her own club - foreign gold stars, or whatever. Or get her citizenship and then join.

But my other question is this: what do club members get versus those not in the club? It's like not being in the Elks or Toastmasters. So what?
Dan S
May 29, 2005   09:10 PM PDT
Easy one. Private club... case closed.

I'm sorry that people are so quick to vilify a private organization so they can score political points with their bleeding hearts.

I'm also sorry that FOX is aparently so eager give the critics a platform.

If I correctly interpret the line "It was a ploy to get them to reject her..." then IT WAS A SHAMELESS SETUP.

If I'm not misinterpeting that line and it was a setup... SHAME ON YOU PREDATORY B*ST*RDS!!!

May 30, 2005   09:46 AM PDT
How about having her gain citizenship first. Seems like she would want to be a citizen of the nation her son fought to protect.
Michael Williams
May 30, 2005   12:19 PM PDT
It's apparently a private club, so it's none of my business what rules they have. If they were to ask my advice, I'd recommend that they accept any mothers who aren't in the country illegally. Thia lady isn't a citizen, but she's here legally, so why not let her join?
May 31, 2005   07:27 AM PDT
While respecting a private organization's right to associate with who it pleases... I have to agree with Mike.

It was her child that had his life taken from him in a foreign war. She should be enrolled and receive the right to display the Gold Star. Blood is blood, and grief knows no international boundaries.

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