Tuesday, April 19, 2005
I Knew It

The ACLU is comprised of a lot of potheads! Are we suprised? Maybe a little at the stupidity of these idiots. Come on, did they really think that people would take them seriously once their drug habit was revealed? *snickers* This just further proves the hillarious disorganization and fallibility of the Democratic Party.

Bottom Line: Those liberals are more concerned with lighting up than with Homeland Security.

Oh, happy day.

This delicious tidbit from John K.

Posted at 08:26 am by DeoDuce

April 19, 2005   08:35 AM PDT
so, how many DUIs does W have? how many DUIs does cheney have? how many people did the first lady kill when she was driving drunk? i think the number is roughly equal to your IQ. i wonder how much blow W snorted up his nose?
John K
April 19, 2005   08:38 AM PDT
Iam sure you already know the answer to your idiotic guestions. I wonder if how much blow went up W's nose is directly proportional to how much CLINTON imported into Mena, Arkansas. What a butt munch you are..notassmartasaplant.
the Pirate
April 19, 2005   10:09 AM PDT
There could be a a few reasons for this pot smoking:

A. They saw Cheech and Chong 1 too many times and think the minutemen will get high and crave pizza rather than stopping illegals.

B. The pot haze gives them a defense of "I couldn't see any illegals through this dense haze...maaaaaan."

C. They found out smarterthanyou is comming over and they needed their 'tolerance meds'

D. The ACLU gives them pot to keep them in the ACLU, the last thing they want is clear thinking.
April 19, 2005   10:12 AM PDT
(possibly) smarterthanaewe,

It's sad when people feel the need to assert their relevance and "superiority" in a childish handle with a broken link. It's like guys with small dicks driving big trucks.

Hillarious! Thanks for making my day.
April 19, 2005   01:44 PM PDT
How many people did Ted Kennedy drown while DUI?
April 19, 2005   04:37 PM PDT
It's a shame that smarterthannone is only a homeless Troll with no site of its own. Then we could start ignoring it immediately.
April 19, 2005   07:11 PM PDT
Alright, this is stupid. The kids in the picture look to be just that, kids. Saying that the ACLU is “full of pot heads” is wrong. Like the director of the ACLU goes into detox or something before he makes a press conference. The Minuet Men exercise is not an exercise. It is a bunch of rednecks sitting in their camper shells with a bottle of Bud, a confederate flag, and some walkie-talkies. The ACLU observes aren’t any better. The whole situation is an exercise in stupid.
the Pirate
April 19, 2005   10:36 PM PDT
Atleast the Minutemen are doing something productive with their time.

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