Monday, April 04, 2005
Boycott Blockbuster

After enduring the second-worst 48 hours of my life, I decided I needed something to rage on about.

New Boycott: Blockbuster

Why: Their new policy of ending late fees is a big, steaming pile of shitake mushrooms.

Take video rental business to: Hollywood or Netflix

Master of None has more here. Others are also sounding the alarm over this big spoonful of scam.

The "End of Late Fees" claim is in violation of truthful advertising. Instead of removing late fees, Blockbuster just extended the grace period for movie rental and changed the name from "late fee" to "restocking fee." The outstanding citizenry employed by Blockbuster made no comment on the deceptiveness of the "No Late Fees" policy, except for the occasional grunt that results from total lack of being on the same plane as the rest of America. One brave girl getting her paycheck from Scam, Inc., piped up and valiantly attempted to defend her beloved corporate provider, but was quickly shot down to submissive silence by Undisclosed Blogger'stm pointed and rational line of questioning.

Blockbuster totally sucks and I will not go back there again. I'm signing up for a Hollywood membership card right after this post.

Posted at 09:17 pm by DeoDuce

the Pirate
April 5, 2005   04:45 AM PDT
My gramps and dad brought this up when it first came out, my dad dislikes it because no one returns movies so its impossible to get anything.

As far as selling people the movie if they don't retun it on time, hey tough shit should of returned it on time. Thats a policy I could get behind.

Where I think Blockbuster is in the clear is the fact the restocking fee is applied to the movie you just bought. Like manyt stores that charge a restocking fee on returned items. Technically its not a late fee, since you are returning merchandise you purchased. No more late fees is really a rent to own program, rent it long enough and you own it, want to retun waht yyou own, goning to have to pay for it.

Btw, you're more likely to see tomatoes in that pile of shit, the tomato seeds are quite amazing.
April 5, 2005   08:30 AM PDT

No one on staff could properly explain the policy and I was misled on the fees that I really had to pay. I was told I could keep the movie for a year and pay nothing.

Re-stocking Fee

It's a fee that you pay to return a late movie. Thus, it's a late fee. You can put whipped cream on it and a cherry on top, but it's still a fee that you pay for late movies. Re-stocking my ass.

Due Dates

If Blockbuster truly did away with late fees, there wouldn't be due date. But yet, there is. I always return my movies on time until I was told that I could keep the "Office Space" DVD for an unlimited amount of time.

Essentially, the "No Late Fees" policy just gives you an extra week or two to watch the movie. If you don't return it then, they sell you the movie without notification. Then, you return the movie and they keep part of the movie's cost as a late fee.

If you ask me, it's all a bunch of nebulous bullcrap bent on eeking money out of the unsuspecting conusumer.
John K
April 5, 2005   10:05 AM PDT
Please do not Boycott them; they are my companies largest account! If we lost Blockbuster; I might have to ask for donations because my company would go out of business.
April 5, 2005   03:41 PM PDT
I enjoy Take 1 Video (a local chain that has been around a while) (you can take more than one, so i have not a clue about the name). They have a great selection of older videos. It was the only place i could find "Who is Afraid of Virginia Woolf?". What a great movie! Blockbuster didnít have it.

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