Thursday, March 24, 2005
One Bad Thing

Illegal Immigration is out of control. We as citizens have the right to patrol our own borders against such an invasion, even if the government disapproves. This is a real issue I have with Bush. I think he's a great leader and a good man, but he's swerving all over this street.

It seems almost oxymoron-ish to talk so much about the importance of Homeland Security while essentially making it easier for terrorists to enter the States through Mexico.

So, President Bush, are we supposed to stand by and let people come and feed off of our land and taxes?

Posted at 09:03 am by DeoDuce

John K
March 24, 2005   11:30 AM PST
I hate to admit it but this issue alone could be the downfall of Republicans in 06 and 08. They are woefully behind in the public perception. If I were a thinking Dem (i know; oxymoron); I would latch onto this like a duck on a junebug and go hell bent for leather all the way to the Whitehouse. No other issue could galvanize Republican voters to vote for a moderate Dem who would stop illegal immigration at any cost. Hell; a Dem could even get a huge tax increase passed on this to boot!.
March 24, 2005   03:17 PM PST
Immigration is an issue that could very easily and decisively split the Republican party.
March 24, 2005   03:52 PM PST
Even though this issue will split the Republican Party, I can't see any Republicans voting for the Donks.

The danger lies in the fact that a lot of "Reagan Democrats" who would vote G.O.P. may decide to vote the Hillary ticket.

This could prove to be disasterous for those of us that do not want Hildebeast to be elected at any cost.

Bush is wrong on immigration. Every time I hear him running his mouth about "Willing Employers and Willing Workers" I think about another illegal sneaking across the border every 28 seconds.

Part of the high premiums that I pay for health insurance is due to the fact that the hospitals are forced to treat so many illegals that don't have any type of insurance.

Down here on the border, the invasion is out of control. It's simply scandalous.
March 24, 2005   07:23 PM PST
As a resident of the south, and a resident of an area where the Hispanic population is approximately 71%, i know what a problem immigration causes. Over crowded school that are under funded. But the boarder should not be shut down. I know many people who are second or third generation, who are absolutely some of the most productive and motivated folks around. To deny their parents access to this country, weather legally of illegally is to deny them of healthy, productive lives. Do deny that to them is do deny the US workforce skilled and competent labor. Walk into any workplace, especially in the south, and you will see that first hand. Yes, terrorism is bad, but denying access to immigrants, is to deny access to their children who enter the workforce and become healthy members of society. This is something i feel very passionately about. I have no problem having my taxes raised, if it means supporting the future workforce of America. I also have no problem paying taxes to reform social security, because the national debt is atrocious.
March 25, 2005   12:37 AM PST
namimami: Your taxes are not high enough? I can't believe raising taxes would be ok with you to pay for ILLEGALS!
March 25, 2005   07:26 AM PST
My taxes aren't that high. I live in texas which has no income tax.
March 25, 2005   08:51 AM PST
Well, try living in California. Taxes are ridiculous.
March 25, 2005   01:25 PM PST
I like legal immigration. That is what has given America such a diverse (and unique) culture.

Having said that, an illegal sneaking across our border is engaging in a criminal act.

To reward people for breaking the law flies in the face of some 800 years of English/American jurisprudence.

As for the "We should 'respect' hard-working illegals" mantra that is currently mouthed by apologists for the administration's lack of enforcement of our country's laws, I say this:

"I don't know about others, but I was taught to shun lawbreakers, not respect them."

I cannot, I will not, "respect" people that break our laws.

Allowing illegals to go to the front of the immigration line via some new varient of *amnesty* is simply wrong.

And in another 20 years, we will have to have yet another a *amnesty.*

And 20 years after that....
March 25, 2005   08:37 PM PST
EdWonk, you remind me of Joseph McCarthy. You're far right wing, cold and enjoy calling people bad Americans. You also probably spend most of your time around people who think exactly like you and constantly praise you, contributing to your detachment and irrationality.
March 25, 2005   08:42 PM PST

Let's keep the personal insults out of discussion. Edwonk is a brilliant educator in our destitute California school system, and I am very glad to have him on my side (and site). Besides, I think he brings up tremendously valid points on legal immigration, and just because we are Republicans (for the most part) here on this site does not mean the incarnate of J. McCarthy is going to eat your children while you sleep.
John K
March 25, 2005   09:05 PM PST
Nami; I do not understand what EdWonk said that makes you write that he enjoys calling people bad Americans or that he is detached and irrational. Where is his logic and moral convictions about right and wrong; wrong? As for the name calling of McCarthy; we understand that he is suposed to be a bad name of the same ilk as calling someone Hitler but actually that is not a bad name to be called. You may not have heard that those folks in Hollywood that he was accusing of being Communist's? Remember that? Well; he was right. The declassified KGB files left over from the Soviet Union proved he (McCarthy) was right. And they were spying and causing subversion for the Communists. Those are undisputed facts. On the payroll of the KGB. If interested and I doubt you are; those documents are available to read. NYT even wrote about it all.
the Pirate
March 25, 2005   09:40 PM PST
Being infavor of enforcinng laws does not make you like Joe McCarthy.

What are your requirements for enforcing immigration laws then? Only if you catch tem with one foot in Mexico and one foot in the US?
Do we stop chasin murders if we don't catch them at the scene? Infact what criminals do we give a pass to if they catch them after the act? Same goes for the borders, we have laws and the people who break them need to be caught and punished, regardless of your opinion of the law because it is the Law.

And as far as skilled competient labor, if we didn't have to foot the billions for illegals maybe we could spend the money on american kids instead, gee theres a brillant idea.

There is another side effect of the illgeals its called disease, they bring them here, ugly disease too like TB. Its becoming more common in sewage which means more and more people have the disease. Illegals aren't checked out medically god oinly knows what they are bringing and it can cause serious problems for our public health.

But then again, issues like that might confuse you tyoo much.
Dean Berry -- REAL American
March 30, 2005   12:10 PM PST
One more reason to call you confusatives. You've been asking for generations, "Why do you think more people immigrate to the U.S. than any other country?" It's not for "freedom" (America's no more free than half the world), it's because we have the most wide open borders in history.

In Jesus' Glorious and Holy name,
Dean Berry -- REAL American

Yes, censor me chickenshits.

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