Friday, February 25, 2005
**Breaking News**

There has finally been a development in the BTK serial killing case: a person has been arrested, and the cops are confident that he's the guy. I've been following this case for years and even studied him in my high school psychology class. What's more, there is a name leaking out, with pictures and stats.


The word on the street is that this is Dennis Rader, 59, married with kids and worked as an Animal Control Officer. Again, these are unconfirmed and if this is deemed incorrect information, I will remove and/or rectify this post. However, the forum where this was leaked is pretty reputable. For the sake of his family, their names and stats will not be posted. All of his life details leaked out onto a chat forum (that I regularly check for updates) within one hour of the announcement of a Person of Interest (POI) arrest.

*update* More and more sources are confirming that this is BTK. News conference at 11 am EST tomorrow to reveal more about the case. Word has it that BTK's victims' families are being prepped in advance of the announcement.

*update2* 11:08pm -- Rader apparently is President of the Christ Lutheran Church in Wichita. Interestingly enough, the site has been taken down. The cache version of the page is still available, but all photos of Rader have been removed.

*update3* 11:35pm< Another possible picture of Rader.

Must credit The Daily Spork for reprinting.

Posted at 10:58 pm by DeoDuce

February 26, 2005   02:02 AM PST
An accused (sadistic) murderer. After getting away with it for 20 years, I guess that we can say that this idiot caught himself.

If he's guilty, I hope that they have the fortitude to fry his sorry *!#!
February 26, 2005   12:13 PM PST
Matt: It's hard to know who printed what, when. I received this information from a possible FBI imformant on the case yesterday. Everything on my site was derived from my sources.

Thanks for visiting The Daily Spork, congratulations on your own detective work! Keep it up.

February 26, 2005   12:13 PM PST
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