Sunday, December 26, 2004

This brings to mind an REM song. Six o' clock, T.V. hour, don't get caught in foreign tower...

Say a little prayer for all those folks going through hell right now.

In other news, the big drooly babies are getting their diapers in a wad over this. I'm beginning to wonder how long liberals would be able to survive on their own without any interference from the reason-giving Right. My bet is that if we turned a liberal loose in the woods, he/she/it would survive <5 years. This is a good experiment. I'm tempted to propose it to Congress.

Nifty Experiment

We could take one Whole Foods hippie and monitor them from afar in a survival situation. They would not last long. One reason is that even if said liberal was turned loose in the woods and freezing to death, they wouldn't start a fire because that would require burning wood. Oh Dear God, no! Wouldn't want to hurt any trees or anything, right? Second, they would die from starvation if the cold didn't get 'em because the liberal is probably a vegetarian.

Ok ok ok. Perhaps I'm being unfair by only turning one hippie loose in the woods. How about a colony of Whole Foods hippies? Well, they would die out because all the adults would abort the babies. Even if a couple of fetuses managed to slip by the Kerry/NARAL-lovers, they wouldn't do so hot because all of the adult hippies would most likely be cracked out on pot, thus resulting in child endangerment and neglect.

Take a gun-toting, redneck Republican and put him in the woods and you get the United States. That's basically what happened in the 1600's, right? Right. I knew you'd agree with me.

More on this experiment later. It's copyrighted, btw.

Posted at 09:49 am by DeoDuce

December 26, 2004   09:49 PM PST
Go Deo Go!!
the Pirate
December 27, 2004   07:06 AM PST
You have too much free time on your hands.

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