Thursday, December 23, 2004
Merry-Go-Round of Babies

Democrats are freaky, big drooly babies who poo themselves every night when it comes to judicial nominations. President Bush is going to re-nominate his super-qualified people to be in the highest court in the land, and the big drooly babies will simply have to get used to it.

You know, I've been thinking about it (uh-oh) and I propose that we amend our judicial system to include penalites for idiocy. That would lock Michael Moore up for years on end with no hope of parole, and Bab "I love Uncle Joe" Streisand would be chilling with Martha in that perpetual girls' sleepover event. Delicious.

Anyways...To relate the above paragraphical ramblings, Democrats ought to allow Bush's nominees to be accepted or be tried for Crimes of Idiocy (CoI from here on out). It just makes sense. Don't you agree?

To enlighten the weenies out there on Bush's judicial nominees (mortal enemies of the big drooly babies!), I have decided to list them for your viewing pleasure:

Oh screw it, here's a link instead. 

Read up on the qualifications of these people, and then see how the 'Crats stall and bemoan those nominees. I react with irritation.

*Update* Great minds think alike. Yes, Pirate and I have a unimind. Nanu nanu.

Posted at 11:15 pm by DeoDuce

December 23, 2004   11:49 PM PST
nice post
The Pirate
December 24, 2004   09:13 AM PST
I guess its better than uniboob.
December 24, 2004   09:40 AM PST
Whoa. Is that possible? A uniboob I mean. *blows my mind*
December 24, 2004   06:15 PM PST
super-qualified people

Just make sure that their nannies are legal!
December 24, 2004   07:30 PM PST

December 24, 2004   08:42 PM PST
Good post, linked you over at the 'Wonks.

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