Tuesday, November 09, 2004
Middle East Conflict

Now that our favorite little weasel is about to hang up his checkered towel, many questions arise and refuse to be ignored: What does Israel do now? Who'll take over the Palestinian Authority?

I believe that Israel is doing a fine job of staying just below the radar and giving the PA plenty of so-called wiggle-room with this whole situation. The Palestinian people should be highly grateful to the state of Israel right now, mainly because Israel could launch of massive strike at any point at which they choose to do so--but they haven't. Congratulations Israel, once again you have shown remarkable restraint and lots of class. I wish their enemy wasn't so...evil.

Who's Taking Over?

There are some negatives that come with having an arrogant, crazy weasel in office. Arrogant, crazy weasels (ACWs) rarely just relinquish their power. In fact, they usually attempt to roadblock any development of a successor. It can be attributed to delusional self-love and admiration, I suppose. More on Arafat's attempts to prevent the formation of a successor can be found here

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Anyhow, there are various contenders wanting to take over Arafat's control, and my personal favorite is Mahmoud Abbas. Yes, he's a shady fellow with dark ties and a twisted mind. But he does thing that a little thing called the Intifada and its militarization during the past four years was a huge mistake. Abbas realizes that maybe, just maybe, sporadically blowing up people really doesn't accomplish much...it just angers your enemy. An interview with Abbas can be found here.

I sincerely doubt that there is a Palestinian eligible for power who actually wants to co-exist with Israel. After all, it is quite difficult to forget the whole push-Israel-into-the-sea mottos ingrained in your brain since you were one year old. However, with the power vacuum that will result from Arafat's death (if a decent leader isn't chosen right now), the Palestinians must be very cautious. I think that the next leader to take Arafat's seat will show whether or not the Palestinians truly want this conflict to end.

Posted at 10:05 am by DeoDuce

The Pirate
November 9, 2004   11:26 AM PST
I owuld disagree on no-one takign his seat, mostly because of the nice cash flow Arafat earned for himself thanks to all the umnaitarian aid, many will desire to asscend to his position for that kind of money. It will pit Arafat's Terrorist wing angainst his politcal wing in a fight for the power. The winner being who ever kills the most Palestinians.
The Pirate
November 9, 2004   11:49 AM PST
I would tend to believe Arafat was allowed to steal large amounts from the international aid, but I don't find it plauseable that the 'aid' for the paestinians would be cut off from the UN or the EU, because many countries would fear the Arab backlash. On top of that Arab nations would most likely continue to fund terrorist operations against Israel. Some Palestinian will need/want to control that money flow, weither or not they will get away with stealing as much as Arafat did, that is yet to be seen.
The Pirate
November 9, 2004   12:01 PM PST
Oh I know that Arafat had complete controll over the money and the billions he stole may not be found for decades.
I wa sof the arguement regardless of the state of that money his fellow terrorists will kill eachother for the 'right' to mange the aid.

For the good of the world, I hope your prediction is right. its just I lack faith in certain nations in the world to stop the funding.
November 9, 2004   03:00 PM PST
and she takes on the middle east!!!!!

hey I'm a "crawling amphibian" in that echo system thingie. I resent that!!!
November 9, 2004   03:05 PM PST
Ok this website about the "prisedent" is the funniest shit I've read in days.
November 9, 2004   05:30 PM PST
Geez, I leave for 7 hours and you weenies go nuts.

Arafat will have a successor, if not for any reasons other than a simple figurehead. There must be one uniting factor in the midst of chaos. As disorganized, impoverished, and generally deteriotated as the Palestinians are, one person or organization will inevitably stand up to stop the power vaccuum resulting from Arafat's death. Besides, they need someone to issue important statements about ridiculous little things.
November 9, 2004   09:01 PM PST
ok kinda funny
November 9, 2004   10:57 PM PST
Think that whoever it is will want to marry Suha and get some of her millions? (Correction--OUR millions in aid that Arafat stole.)
The Pirate
November 10, 2004   12:05 PM PST
Gawd, you'd have to be brave to marry that. or Blind.

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