Friday, January 12, 2007
Long time, no blog

    The Daily Spork 2.0 died a few weeks ago, and I decided to stop by to look at where it all started a few years ago: here.

Much to my confusion, people still read this blog, leave comments on the tagboard and in the comments' section...oh, and I shouldn't forget to mention that I still get hatemail from Islamic buttmonkeys from time to time re: this old blog.

Maybe I should resurrect this thing...

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Monday, August 01, 2005
The Daily Spork 2.0

Ok ladies and gents, the Daily Spork 2.0 is up and running. Yes, there will be a tagboard up there soon, and yes, graphics and extras will be added slowly. AND YES, comments finally work properly!

Go to:

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Sunday, July 31, 2005
New Site

I'm currently formatting The Daily Spork 2.0.

In the meantime, using will get you to the new, unformatted site, while will still bring you here.

Little to no posting over the next day or two as I make the transition.

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Saturday, July 30, 2005
Busy Day

Master of None and I dragged our sorry butts out of our respective beds this morning and headed to Casino Morongo near the Morongo Indian Reservation. We also hit up the Cabazon Outlet stores and were hit by a violent thunderstorm which then revealed the horrible water drainage systems of the outlet mall, sending numerous Asian tourists screaming as sudden walls of water "drained" straight from the ceiling and onto the sidewalks.

Yes, someone actually thought it would be a good idea to have water drain from holes in the ceiling.

Besides that fiasco, the day was awesome and the casino was bumpin'. I am marrying quite the craps officianado, as was apparent by his immediate winnings five seconds after we walked into the casino.

Great operation going on there, I will definitely go back.

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Friday, July 29, 2005
Je Comprends, non?

France is like that retarded toddler: slow, drooly but able to grasp at least menial concepts. The slow-coming epiphany about terrorism hitting the West has hit the Frenchies smack-dab between the eyes--as is evidenced by their recent expulsion of Imams who preach anti-Western violence.

France probably saw a pattern in the terrorists' plan: The US was attacked for being the US. Spain was attacked in an effort to influence foreign policy. Great Britain was attacked, well, because they're infidels, just like the rest of us. Even though Great Britain is a staunch ally in the War on Terror, they have a tremendously socialist and liberal way of thinking. They are more likely to take the ACLU route of fight-terrorism-with-law than the US policy of "Who's got bigger balls?" (The latter is my favorite type of foreign policy.) Thus, the recent string of violent bombings in London has shown the world, even the thick-headed "peuples du vin", that the terrorists don't care if you bomb them or simply maintain a free society: they want to kill you regardless.

I think the terrorists made a grave (but fortunate for us) mistake in attacking London. The world was losing interest in the USA's fight against Terror, but attacking Great Britain, a symbol of civility to the world, has revived that interest and now more and more are realizing the threat that these crazy weasels pose.

France made a good decision in expelling those 12 Imams. They had better be prepared for an attack in retaliation. But France has apparently realized that they have two options. Basically, in fighting terrorism, do you go to the terrorists' home and strap on the brass knuckles, or do you wait for them to come to you?

Yeah, I like the brass knuckles option, too.

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Thursday, July 28, 2005
Liberals Just Don't Get It

A terrorist planning to blow up LAX (about 1.5 miles from me) was sentenced to jailtime, and the judge assigned to the case had this little liberal feel-good speech to make about the whole situation:

U.S. District Judge John C. Coughenour said the successful prosecution of Ahmed Ressam should serve not only as a warning to terrorists, but as a statement to the Bush administration about its terrorism-fighting tactics.

"We did not need to use a secret military tribunal, detain the defendant indefinitely as an enemy combatant or deny the defendant the right to counsel," he said Wednesday. "The message to the world from today's sentencing is that our courts have not abandoned our commitment to the ideals that set our nation apart."

Unbelievable. This man, Ahmed Ressam, wanted to kill thousands of people and this judge thinks that a slap on the wrist is suddenly going to "cure" his Islam-driven thirst for American blood?

He added that the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks have made Americans realize they are vulnerable to terrorism and that some believe "this threat renders our Constitution obsolete ... If that view is allowed to prevail, the terrorists will have won."

Hey, pal, newsflash: thanks to sissies like you, the terrorists will win. This judge obviously has no rational thought or logic guiding his poor, poor decisions. This hippie-fest of "decency and civility cures all ills" will eventually lead to the demise of this country. Yeah, put bin Laden on trial in Washington. I'm sure he'll give up his rabidly-evil ways when he faces...

the American judicial system! *ominous music*

Thanks, judge, but you're obviously too stupid to operate a manual juicer. But wait, oh wary public, perhaps I am wrong!

Ressam did not speak in court, but provided a short written statement in which he thanked the judge, renounced violence of any kind and apologized for his actions, Hillier said.

Aw, how sweet. A man who wanted to blow up Los Angeles International Airport wrote the judge a note about how sowwy he is. Awww. I'm touched. Personally, I wouldn't want terrorists writing me thank you notes.

And it just gets better:

With credit for time served and three years off for good behavior, Ressam could be out of prison in 14 years.

This judge is a hero! With his apparent God-like understanding of foreign policy, LAX is safe from Ressam for another 14 whole years.


Liberals just don't get it and they are just as guilty of pure idiocy as the terrorists are of murder. Article in full found here.

In my opinion, liberals are only one level above terrorists. They are threatening our ability to speak freely and live in a safe environment.

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Wednesday, July 27, 2005
Scala Update

I just sent off this email to Arlene Scala of WPU (see post below):

Ms. Scala:

As a young, independent, and assertive college woman,
I highly respect and admire your accomplished position
as Chair of Women's Studies at WPU. However, I am
writing to you to express my disappointment with the
recent controversy over Mr. Jihad Daniels' comments
about religion, university classes, and homosexuality.
Personally, I feel Mr. Daniels is being unfairly
targeted for simply expressing his views in response
to your invitation to view the film "Ruth and Connie."
Mr. Daniels has his right to express his
non-threatening views about homosexuality in the work
place. After all, isn't that what we American women
are about: equality and fairness?

Although you may disagree with Mr. Daniels'
perspective, I feel that it was inappropriate of you
to file a complaint with the university--a complaint
that permanently scars the record of Mr. Daniels. The
very ideal of "freedom" and "equality" that your job
requires you to exemplify is being trodden underfoot
by your actions.

Again, I am simply writing to express my view on your
actions. Thank you for taking the time to read my


J****** M*****
College Student
Los Angeles, CA

We'll see what response we get, if any.

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Wacko Courts Pt. 5,908

Get this:

A female university employee emails a male colleague about viewing a Lesbian film. The recipient of the email sends her an email saying that he believes homosexuality is wrong and an abomination to God. She complains to the university. He gets reprimanded.

Her email:

On March 7, Arlene Holpp Scala (search), chair of the Women's Studies Department, sent Daniel an unsolicited e-mail announcement of an upcoming film event: "'Ruthie and Connie: Every Room in the House,' a lesbian relationship story." Scala advised those who wished to respond, "Please do not hit reply, click here," thus directing messages to her university e-mail address.

His email:

On March 8, Daniel clicked to privately reply, "Do not send me any mail about 'Connie and Sally' and 'Adam and Steve.' These are perversions. The absence of God in higher education brings on confusion. That is why in these classes the Creator of the heavens and the earth is never mentioned." [His message is quoted in full. No other communication with Scala ensued.]

Read the rest of the story here.

So, only pro-gay speech is protected. The rest of us aren't allowed to express our views. Good to know.

I wonder where the ACLU is?

What's absolutely sickening is that this woman raised the issue on her own volition and contacted Mr. Daniel first. His "threatening" email was simply an elongated refusal to attend her gay love-fest seminar. The only reason the Chairwoman complained is that she's a holier-than-thou, hypocritical, completely incompetent biatch.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2005
No More!

I've had it with the spammers, posts randomly disappearing, and now my inability to respond to I've banned myself or something, except I haven't.

Anyways, bye bye Blogdrive, hello Moveable Type. New site coming soon.

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Better Late Than Never

Fox News has just posted a report about the shady ties between Iraq and Syria.

The IRS learned through its interviews that Iraq's State Oil Marketing Organization (SOMO) maintained accounts at the Commercial Bank of Syria (CBS) that received funds from the oil sales to Syria. Beginning in June 2000 and lasting until March 2003, Iraq and Syria set up a border trade protocol, which ultimately resulted in $3 billion worth of Iraqi oil being imported by Syria.

Hmm, so what's in it for Saddam Hussein?

IRS investigators have concluded that the money was funneled through these accounts. About 40 percent was paid in cash while the other 60 percent came in "goods" such as arms.

Ok, so Syrai gave them a bunch of guns and ammo. What else, you ask?

Funds in these accounts were used to purchase merchandise through Syrian suppliers, transferred in cash to Baghdad using a diplomatic courier, and used to pay the 10 percent kickback demanded by Iraq of all companies involved in the U.N. program, according to the House International Relations Committee.

I wonder what kind of "merchandise" Iraq bought from Syria. It also appears to me that Iraq and Syria kind of had an open border policy going on here. It's all pretty shady, and the Democrats have been suspiciously silent about all of this.

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